Granite Colors

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Choosing The Best Granite Color For Your Kitchen Countertops

Granite makes every kitchen unique and posh. Choosing the right Granite countertops color isn’t a decision you should allow your building contractor, mason, or designer to make without consulting you. Of course, the idea of choosing granite as a countertop comes easy but choosing from the numerous color choices available isn’t an easy task. Granite can be found in hundreds of colors and they are grouped into; brown, blue, black, burgundy, beige, gray, red, green, white and yellow. 

You may not have noticed but white granite countertops are a rarity but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice for granite countertop colors. White granite countertops colors paired with cherrywood  cabinets creates a look that is quite beautiful and elegant, it even  looks remarkable if you have a small space for your kitchen. When it comes to granite countertop colors, black is also many peoples favorite. Black and gray granite countertops create a dramatic ambience, and are best suited for contemporary kitchen styles. Other granite countertop colors such as brown and beige  have a lot of versatility since Earth tones go great with almost any color of cabinetry. It’s also complimentary when combined with the right shade of lighting and kitchen furniture decor. 

For red and blue granite countertop colors,  Wherever it is used, it creates a sort of eye catching modern exotic look for the kitchen. When paired with light color options, dark granite countertop colors look really amazing. To settle for the right granite countertop colors consider the lighting,  hue of your walls, kitchen furniture, and the look you aim to achieve. Granite will surely transform your kitchen and take your decor up a notch. Just make sure to explore all the color options available so you don't miss out on the perfect color of granite for your home. At Granite Countertops US we take pride in making this process easier for our customers.